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What is HotDoc and why are we using it?

Technology and practice processes should make your life easier after the initial adjustment. HotDoc can greatly improve the processes for bookings, recalls, and more.

For those unable to complete the online process, we are able to assist in person.

Where do I go for urgent issues if you are ‘part time’?

For urgent medical issues you should call 000 if appropriate. River Heads Doctor is a General Practice and does not have facilities to deal with issues like chest pain, shortness of breath, fainting, severe pain and so forth. An option or advice for less serious illness is 13HEALTH (13 43 25 84).

How do I get my results if you are ‘part time’?

For urgent results you will be contacted by the Practice directly via your preferred method as soon as they are received. Even out of working hours. For non-urgent results you will be offered either a text message to confirm it was all normal, called, or booked for another appointment. This will be clearly outlined for every test ordered.



Why do you charge a gap?

It is complicated but basically the Medicare rebate for a ‘standard’ consultation has been effectively reduced by small amounts every year over decades now (See this Graph). During that time the costs of running a practice have increased substantially. If we only charged the Medicare rebate (bulk billing) for all consultations, it would simply not be a viable practice. However, it is still possible to bulk bill many consultations such as Care Plans, Health Assessments, brief appointments and more. Concession card holders should rarely be out of pocket after the first visit.

Is there anything you can’t you do at River Heads?*

  • Procedures such as Pap smears, Implanon insertion and removal, skin excisions

  • Routine childhood immunisations

  • Pathology (blood collection) and Radiology are NOT available on site currently.

  • Multiple and/or Complex medical issues which require frequent appointments and close monitoring, For example, severe persistent pain.

​*Please note this may all change with time and demand, and that this will be explained on an individual basis as necessary.

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