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The health of private and commercial drivers is crucial, as they must stay fit and sharp on the road. Torquay Doctors and Craignish Doctors provides a comprehensive medical assessment for driver’s licenses for both commercial and private drivers. To ensure that the drivers are fit for their job, the doctors conduct a few tests such as physical examination, vision tests, hearing ability, and if required blood tests too.

The National Medical Standards (private or commercial) and the guidelines Assessing Fitness to Drive are used to assess whether an employee has a mental or physical incapacity (a medical condition) that is likely to affect an employee’s ability to drive a motor vehicle safely. Torquay Doctors and Craignish Doctors are knowledgeable of the medical standards used to assess drivers for fitness to drive commercial vehicles. The doctors provide advice, based on the standards, about how an employee’s particular health condition might affect their ability to drive safely and how it might be managed. This guarantees the physical and mental well-being of the drivers for them to operate a vehicle safely.