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Employers have a legal obligation to maintain a safe workplace and protect employees from injury, whether it’s a physical or mental health injury. According to the work health and safety (WHS) laws, if any work-related accident or injury happens while an employee is at work, employees should have access to first aid and workers compensation, as well as rehabilitation to help them return to work.


Workers compensation is a type of insurance that ensures employees don’t experience any financial issues because of an accident or injury that happens while performing their duties at work. This includes compensation for injuries that occur during or as a result of an employee’s course of employment, or injuries that arise because of activities that are required or organised by a workplace (such as work-related events like Christmas parties, or travel for work).


Workers compensation covers:


  • physical injury
  • mental health injury
  • diseases that an employee may have contracted during their employment
  • injuries while travelling for work (in some states)
  • recurrence of an existing disease or condition as a result of work
  • aggravations of an existing disease or condition as a result of work.


The team at Torquay Doctors and Craignish Doctors are experienced with all WorkCover paperwork and all standard and long WorkCover consultations are booked directly to WorkCover.