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We offer a large range of occupational health services to Hervey Bay business and industry.


As a company, it is vital to prioritise the health and safety of your staff and to create a safe work environment. It is also critical to the long-term success of your business and can: Help you retain your staff, Improve staff safety, Improve staff productivity, Reduce injury and illness in the workplace, Reduce the costs of injury and workers’ compensation and Reduce time and productivity lost due to injury and illness. Key findings from Safe Work Australia’s Analysis of ABS Work-related Injuries Survey Data 2021-22 revealed that 31% of the working population that experienced a work-related injury or illness received worker’s compensation for the illness or injury. More significantly, 1.9 million weeks of work was lost in Australia as a result of serious compensation claims. The good news is that Torquay Doctors and Craignish Doctors can play a crucial role in managing workplace injuries, assisting in recovery and helping with return to work programs. We pride ourselves on developing relationships with local business and industry to encourage the provision of high quality health care for workers. Our General Practitioners work together with companies and their employees to minimise lost time from injuries, and we work with employers to find alternative duties for injured staff where ever possible.

Torquay Doctors and Craignish Doctors understands the importance of good communication with employers to minimise lost time from injuries, and we work with employers to find alternative duties for injured staff where possible. We utilise a team approach to rehabilitate injured workers for a speedy return to work.


Our Occupational Health offerings include:


Aviation Medicals

We have a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME) on site, appointed by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia (CASA).


Diver Medicals



Driver’s Licence Medicals

We provide comprehensive medical assessments for driver’s licences for both commercial and private drivers.

drug alcohol

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Our staff have been trained to meet all the legislative requirements for drug testing & alcohol testing.

flu vaccinations

Flu & Vaccination Clinics

With more than 200,000 Australians suffering from flu yearly, implementing a workplace flu  / vaccination program is a must.

health ed

Health Education for Staff

We have GPs that can convey an important health message to your workplace or to educate staff on a relevant topic, such as injury prevention, the importance of skins checks etc.

medical rehab

Medical Rehabilitation

GPs can assist ensuring the best outcome from workplace rehabilitation – a return to the same job in the same workplace as prior to the injury.

pre employment

Pre-Employment Medicals

We offer comprehensive and detailed pre-employment medical examinations, pre-placement and periodic medical assessments.


Rail Worker Safety Medicals



Skin Checks

Skin checks are vital for early detection of skin cancer. Our workplace skin checks are an integral part of a comprehensive employee health and wellbeing program.

workers comp

Workers Compensation Management

The GPs are experienced with all WorkCover paperwork and all standard and long WorkCover consultations are booked directly to WorkCover.


Workplace Injuries

Injuries at the workplace are common and may be debilitating. We offer a full range of workplace Injury treatments, tailored to the individual patient’s needs.

coal mine

Coal Miner Medicals


For further information or to arrange a meeting to discuss your specific workplace’s occupational health needs please contact:

Melissa Becker, Practice Development Manager

Torquay Doctors and Craignish Doctors / Hervey Bay Health Hub

Email: HERE or Telephone: 07 4347 8162